Significant reductions in CO2 emissions from the transportation of wine can be achieved by converting wine from shipping in the bottle to bulk importation. This can reduce emissions by 30% to 40%

One 24 000 litre flexitank generates an average 70 kilos of recycling packaging waste.

One 24,000 litre flexitank = 2.4 x 20 foot containers (in bottles) will generate 15,840 kilos of imported glass.

Over 600,000,000 Litres (25,000 containers) of wine is transported each year in flexitanks.

Reduce Packaging.

Reduce Transport

Reduce CO2 & NOX

SIA flexitanks represent the following CO2 and NOx savings over other systems as follows –

59% CO2 and 58.8% NOx and SO2 over Cased Goods shipments.

30% CO2 and 29% NOx and SO2 over drums and IBCs

1 x 24 000 litre flexitank = 2.4 x 20 foot containers assuming 1100 x 9 litre cases per TEU.