Do Flexitanks reduce shipping costs?
Flexitanks are a cost effective method of bulk liquid transportation. One reason is the extra volume loaded over drums and IBCs / Totes
How big is the flexitank market and is it growing
An analysis of the global flexitank market at the COA conference reported that the number of flexitank loads in 2015 was just short of 1 million, having topped 800,000 in 2014. In 2016 this was just under 1.4 million loads and 1.8 million loads are forecasted fot 2017.
What has led to the growth?
Improved quality and relabilty. Increased adoption of the system and awareness of the advantages.
Are there any hidden costs?
No unlike Tank Containers there is no demurrage on the flexitank, no cleaning, off hire or repositioning costs.
How about lead times?
SIA have significantly reduced lead times by folding a large inventory of flexitanks throughtout the globe at key starreagic hubs, we are where our customers need us.
Have your flexitanks been certified by any other independent third party organizations?
See our certifications page – click here
Will your company customize your flexitanks to meet specific needs of our products?
As a manufacturer we can make any ship size or quantity with most special requirements catered for.
Does your flexitank company provide certified training?
Yes we can provide training from our technical department and customers can be certified as approved installers.
Does your flexitank company offer global support?
Yes SIA are a truly global company with offices and agents all over the world. Including own offices in the USA, Asia and Europe.
What are ALL the sizes that SIA provides?
We can make any size but normally the range from 16 to 24,000 litres.
Which Flexitanks are reusable if any?
We can manufacture reusable flexitanks, that can last up to 7 years they are a special build and the costs are much higher than our standard disposable flexitank.
Why else should we choose your flexitank?
The SIA Global tank is the one of the safest and reliable flexitanks in the world today. The tank is backed by excellent customer service. As SIA are a manufacturer customers benefit from excellent quality are an extremely competitive price.