Flexitanks For Crude Oil

Flexitanks are a cost effective solution to transporting and storing crude oil. They are the next step in delivering bulk liquids to oil production facilities and refineries, by using 20ft shipping containers as a carrier for liquid bulk materials. Flexitanks assist in reducing costs of cargo shipping and give operators more time to focus on operating their facilities instead of loading and unloading vessels. They offer a cost effective solution for moving oils from point A to point B.

Flexitanks—also referred to as flexibags, collapsible tanks, or bladders—are safe for storing hazardous materials like crude oil. This is especially important in today’s volatile oil market, when producers are scrambling for any space available to store their crude.

A SIA Flexitank graphic showing how flexitank fits into a shipping container

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Flexitank Advantages for Oil

A Flexitank’s ability to handle large loads, greater maneuverability and solid construction are three reasons why this tank is an ideal alternative to ISO tanks and barrels. Check out our top five flexitank advantages for oil below:

1. More Cargo: The cost-effective design of Flexitanks allows for more cargo per hold space than other alternatives such as barrels, drums or ISO tanks.


2. Lower Shipping Costs: When using Flexitanks, there is no need to pay for the return shipment of the container and its cleaning since the flexitank can be disposed off or recycled after use.


3. Minimal Fluid Loss: Compared to using barrels or drums when transporting oil, Flexitanks ensure minimal fluid loss during discharge.


4. Easy Loading & Unloading: The loading and unloading of the oil in a Flexitank is 2-3 times faster than loading barrels and drums. They offer easier operations handling and can be used for permanent or temporary storage.


5. Environmentally Friendly: Compared to bulk carriers, the Flexitank is a more environmentally friendly way of transporting oil as it protects the oil from external contamination during transportation. Plus, flexitanks are largely recyclable.


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Will My Crude Oil Be Safe in a Flexitank?

Yes, your cargo is safe with flexitanks. They have a flexible side wall stiffened with corrugated plastic sheet which operates as a barrier against sloshing, spillage and condensation. Flexitanks are leak-tight and can be loaded with two inches of freeboard above the liquid level. This provides extra safety, in case of rough seas or extreme weather which may cause the potential for overtopping. Offering a superior alternative to ISO tanks and barrels when shipping crude oil, Flexitanks are becoming an evermore popular way of transporting crude.



Flexitanks are resistant to aggressive substances & damage

Safety sign indicating that SIA flexitanks are strong and durableReliable

SIA Flexitanks have exceptional mechanical & elongation properties

Safety sign indicating that SIA flexitanks are strong and durableSafe

They have a wide range of compatibility & are 100% tested

Used in the onshore oil industry to provide an alternative method of shipping liquids in bulk, flexitanks have undergone a series of trials on rig sites in the North Sea, and have performed well. With their flexible design and ability to stay upright when under heavy loads, they could be an effective solution for transporting crude oil from existing production facilities to refineries. Their inboard mounted, rigid frame provides a tank with a low center of gravity for enhanced stability. The all-welded structure and corrosion resistant properties make this tank the perfect choice for any maritime shipment.


Why SIA Flexitanks?

We are an award winning independent flexitank manufacturer and the inventors of the multi-layered Flexitank.“

SIA Flexitanks are a member of the COA – Container Owners Association, meaning that we are committed to safe, reliable and sustainable operations and strive for the highest industry standards.  The SIA Flexitanks are ISO 9001:2000 and FSSC 20000 certified.


ISO 9001:2000 and FSSC 20000

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Our customer service is second to none, with offices worldwide, SIA Flexitanks offer local expertise and excellent customer service with our team on hand to to make sure your journey runs smoothly. SIA Flexitanks are with you every step of the way



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