Flexitanks For Edible Oils Transport

Using Flexitanks for bulk liquid shipping is proving to be an incontestable alternative to IBC’s, ISO tanks and drums in lowering transportation costs of bulk liquid products.

In the past few years, Flexitank Containers have been adapted to a wide variety of bulk liquid products including edible oils, chemicals, water treatment products, biofuels and even PVC resins. Specially designed for transporting bulk edible oils, these flexitank containers are insulated tanks that allow the food oil product to be safely shipped.

Edible Oils such as palm oil, soya bean oil and canola oil need to be transported in containers that prevent egress while also providing the highest level of protection while in transit.

The obvious choice is a tank which provides this protection and is significantly less expensive than the more commonly used ISO tanks and Flexitanks offer lower transport costs than both the IBC and drums.

Liquids today are generally transported in high-density polyethylene IBCs, steel drums, flexible plastic drums or ISO tanks. In these cases, storage space is a big consideration of which using a flexitank alternative presents an space saving advantage.

Flexitanks offer a number of distinct advantages as a method of transporting bulk liquids such as:

  1. Cost Effective Edible Oil Transport

Flexitank containers offer an incredible alternative to other bulk liquid shipping containers for the transportation of edible oils. With greater puncture resistance, along with longer stored life than other product packaging alternatives Flexitanks are the clear solution for edible oil transportation. Additionally, Flexitanks offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative. Because the shipments can be smaller and not tied to a particular vessel or shipping line, you can lower your financial risks.

Save money by reducing your bulk liquid transportation costs.

No Demurrage unlike ISO Tanks

Lower Your Financial Risk with Smaller Shipments

Increase Your Profit Margins

The lighter weight and transverse stacking capabilities of Flexitanks save truckers an average of $41,000 per trip compared to 340 HDPE barrels. That’s where the value in owning a Flexitank originates: less space that can hold up to 6,500 gallons worth of product, and the option for transverse bulk liquid stacking instead of palletizing and linearizing 50-foot ISO tanks. Without the use of Flexitanks for Edible Oils, shipping costs can become exorbitant. With the implementation of Flexitanks into everyday shipping, costs can be lowered or eliminated completely thus allowing for further profit or product transportation expansion.


SIA Flexitanks offer a reliable and economical alternative to shipping your oils in ISO tanks, totes and drums with NO Demurrage costs unlike ISO tanks.


2. Increase Payloads with Flexitanks

When using Flexitanks, you can increase your payload and therefore your profits as Flexitanks offer 15% MORE per payload than totes and 40% MORE payload than drums. In addition to increasing payloads, flexitanks allow you to Diversify your Customer Portfolio to attract customers buying smaller quantities. And you can Diversify your Revenue Streams because with regular weekly sailing schedules, you can have regular shipments and thus, regular payments.


40% More Than Barrels & Drums

15% More Than Totes

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3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Flexitanks

Offset your carbon footprint when you use flexitanks to ship. Not only are flexitanks more economically viable for companies, they are a more sustainable option for bulk shipping. Our re-usable flexitank containers allow for zero waste in shipping – SIA Flexitanks can be re-used and recycled. The SIA Global Flexi-Max, for example, is made from 100% virgin VLDPE polyethylene which when recycled, is re-processed into pellets which are then used to manufacture new items.

Using flexitanks when shipping edible oils is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport process allowing higher volumes of liquid to be shipped at one time.

SIA Flexitanks are driven by a global commitment to sustainable logistics and fair trade.  Our commitment includes bringing logistics technologies to manufacturers and producers that provide them with access to the new markets and more trading opportunities while using fewer resources. Find out more about how SIA are developing a sustainable flexitank environment HERE


4. Easy Logistics Process with Flexitanks

SIA can manage the entire logistics process, so you can focus on sales rather than logistics and inventory management. With offices worldwide, our customers are always satisfied with our localized services. Every year SIA Flexitanks ship billions of litres of edible oils to all corners of the globe.

Flexitanks have been designed to take the hassle out of transporting various grades of edible oils, food premixes, chemicals and other bulk liquids. In doing so manufacturers, suppliers and distributors get greater flexibility in scheduling deliveries, secure deliveries without container theft, increase opportunities for arbitrage and can lower the cost of transportation by converting to a Flexitank that has a greater payload capacity than a 53-foot trailer.

To Experience the Loading and Unloading of our Flexitanks, take a look at the Video below:

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Industry Insights

Studies from Statista evidence a steady increase in the global production of vegetable oils, reaching a peak of 209 million metric tons by 2020, with soybean oil the leading oil produced in 2021. The most common oil types include soybean oil, palm oil, canola oil and sunflower oil.

Revenue in the Edible Oils segment amounts to US$101,237m in 2021 and the market is expected to grow annually by 3.32% (CAGR 2021-2025). In global comparison, most revenue is generated in India (US$22,040m in 2021).

Palm oil

Palm oils global production volume continues to rise steadily each year and has a large and active export market. The leading exporters of palm oil worldwide were Indonesia and Malaysia.

Vegetable oil consumption

Vegetable oils are often seen as the healthier alternative of vegetable oils as they contain more unsaturated fatty acids than animal fats. A recent survey revealed that olive oil, vegetable oils and pure canola oils are the most frequently used oils in United States households. In fact, in 2021, sunflower seed oil consumption amounted to 19 million metric tons worldwide.

Consumption of Soybean Oil in the United States

In the U.S, soybean oil is the most consumed type of edible oil . It is often found in fried foods, canned
fish, salad dressing, and margarine. Americans consumed some 10.07 million metric tons of soybean oil in 2018,
over three times more than the second most consumed type of oil, canola oil.

Why use SIA Flexitanks?

Every year we ship billions of litres of edible oils to all corners of the globe. Proving to be an incontestable alternative to ISO tanks, IBC’s and drums in lowering transportation costs of bulk liquid shipping Flexitanks are rapidly gaining market share in the industries of bulk liquid shipping.

SIA Fleitanks CEO, Damien McClean disrupted the market with his patented design of the Multilayer Flexitank in 2001. Today, over 80% of the global market is imitating his patented design.

ISO 9001:2000 and FSSC 20000

Worldwide Availability
Uncomplicated Shipping

Customer Service
Our Team Can Assist Worldwide

As a market leader and innovator, SIA Flexitanks offer the widest range of compatibility approvals in the flexitank world today. We have quicker production times due to our cutting edge design & automated manufacturing techniques as well as a state of the art ISO22000 certified production facility. As a member of the COA – Container Owners Association, we are committed to safe, reliable and sustainable operations and strive for the highest industry standards.

Our customer service is second to none, with offices worldwide, SIA Flexitanks offer local expertise and excellent customer service with our team on hand to to make sure your journey runs smoothly.

To find out if your product can be transported using a flexitank, Please email our team atinfo@siaflexitanks.com

What Our Customers Say



Vegetable Oil Producer in Rotterdam

We use SIA Flexitanks as their product is reliable, they always have Flexitanks in Inventory and we can purchase small quantities and have them installed locally.



Freight Forwarder in Milan

SIA are totally independent as they are not involved in Freight Forwarding we can use them with confidence. We can use our own contracts with the shipping lines to arrange export ocean shipments



Apple Juice producer in Catalonia

We have used SIA for over 6 years and we are happy with their product and the global support.



Freight Forwarder, Houston, Texas

SIA are a very hands on operation, with offices throughout the world someone is available at all times. We are happy with the quality of the SIA Flexitank and their customer service communication and services. Our customers at destination are similarly satisfied.



Lube Oil producer, Houston, Texas

We have been using the SIA Flexitank for 3 years. We received on-site training that was very beneficial for our loading procedures.

We have offices worldwide. To contact us or request a brochure Please email info@siaflexitanks.com

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