Flexitanks For Freight Forwarding – A New Business Opportunity


SIA Flexitanks are the World’s Leading Independent Flexitank Supplier.

At SIA, we focus on the supply of Flexitanks. Unlike our competitors, SIA Flexitanks are not owned by or affiliated to any Freight Forwarding organizations. Therefore, we are the Flexitank supplier of choice for the main global freight forwarding companies.


What is a Flexitank? A large flexible container which transforms the conventional Shipping Container into a safe and efficient bulk liquid transport container.


Benefits of Using SIA Flexitanks Include:


Global Partnership that Extends Your Business to a Global Scale


Access to Emerging Markets with Fewer Risks  &Efforts


Business Expansion Through Service Diversification


Additional Revenue Streams


Growth without Investments and Risks


Buyers/Suppliers Diversification Through Access to the New Markets


A Cost-Effective Logistics Solution


44% More Payload than Drums


15% More Payload than IBC’s


20% Cheaper than ISO Tanks


Diversification via Access to New Markets


Risk Mitigation


We have Offices Worldwide, Email Our Team Today to Discuss Your Logistical Needs: info@siaflexitanks.com

A Unique Opportunity For Freight Forwarding Companies to Enter a New Market Space

We see a potential of billions of liters of non-hazardous liquids which are currently distributed in bulk, drums, totes and tank containers but may be switched to Flexitanks, offering substantial savings to your customers.

We offer more than just Flexitank supply and delivery to freight forwarding companies and have designed a special service package that fits their business model. At a competitive rate, SIA Flexitanks are offering a comprehensive and ready to use service package.

The SIA package is designed with freight forwarders and logistic companies in mind. You do not need to invest time and money in new services development, production, stocks or training courses. The SIA business model creates a great potential for synergy with multinational, regional and local freight forwarding and logistic companies. Take a look at our SIA Service Package and the Unique Benefits of the package below:

SIA Service Package for Freight Forwarding Companies

SIA Service Package for Freight Forwarding Companies

SIA Flexitanks Benefits for Freight Forwarding Companies

SIA Flexitanks Benefits for Freight Forwarding Companies


Advantages of Flexitanks for Logistics Operators:

We see a potential of thousands of tons of liquid and dry cargo which is currently distributed in bulk but may be switched to a container/flexitank delivery through our freight forwarders partner network.

Flexitanks offer many advantages to logistics operators:

  • Very low positioning costs.


  • No cleaning cost, No disposal costs.


  • Cost effective and considerably cheaper than tank containers, drums and IBC’s.


  • Can carry 40% or more cargo than drum and 50%or more than bottles.


  • Deliveries are door-to-door.


  • Quick loading compared to drums and IBCs.


  • Low labor for handling, filling and loading.


  • No need for forklift to load or unload container.
  • No need for intermediate bulk storage


  • Available in remote areas.


  • Clean and environmentally friendly.


  • No risk of contamination.


  • Low weight of Flexitank – so higher payloads possible.


  • 20 ft. Container payload 15% higher than IBCs.


  • 20 ft. Container payload 44% higher than drums.


  • No demurrage on Flexitank only on container. No return loads needed.

Why Use SIA Flexitanks?

SIA is driven by a global commitment to sustainable logistics and fair trade. Our commitment includes bringing logistics technologies to manufacturers and producers that provide them with access to the new markets and more trading opportunities while using fewer resources.


  • Container Owner Association  Member


  • FDA Approved


  •  Japanese Canning Authority Approved


  • German BGA Approved


  • ISO22000 Certified Production Facilities
We have Offices Worldwide, Email Our Team Today to Discuss Your Logistical Needs: info@siaflexitanks.com

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