Flexitanks for Liquid Transportation

Flexitanks for Bulk Liquid Transport

A flexitank converts standard dry shipping containers into bulk liquid transport vessels. They offer a cost-effective solution to shipping liquids in bulk around the globe.


What are Flexitanks and how can they help with Bulk Liquid Transport?

Flexitanks are flexible bags designed to fit inside a 20-foot shipping container, converting them into bulk liquid transport units. They offer a superior alternative to ISO tank containers and drums for shipping liquids such as wines, juices, oils, other food-grade liquids and non-hazardous chemicals. Effectively, flexitanks convert standard dry cargo containers into a one-way bulk liquid transport system that make exporting and importing liquid freight easy and cost-effective.

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Flexitanks Benefits for Bulk Liquid Transport

  1. Cost-Effective: Flexitanks are a much cheaper alternative compared to ISO-tank containers, IBC’s and Drums. For example, the cost of using a flexitank is one-third of the cost as compared to such traditional alternatives.
  2. Large Shipping Capacity: Offering a volume of up to 24,000 litres, flexitanks can ship up to 50% more cargo than those of bottled cargo consignments, 40% more than drums and 15% more than IBC’s.
  3. Faster Loading and Unloading Times: Using a flexitank does not require the use of a forklift to load and unload containers. Instead, a hose is fitted to the container to easily load and unload the container of its cargo.
  4. Sustainable Logistics: Flexitanks reduce the Carbon Footprint during the transportation process. For example, they can significantly reduce carbon emissions (for sea transport especially), they reduce waste as cargo can be shipped in one container rather than a multitude of barrels or IBC’s. And finally, Flexitanks are recyclable and some are even designed to be re-usable.
  5. No Storage Required: Unlike drums, ISO-tanks and IBC’s, flexitanks do not require additional storage when not in use. Additionally, a flexitank itself is a reliable storage container for bulk liquids.
  6. Less Labor is Required: Because flexitanks are easy to handle, load and unload,  they require much less labor and thus, less costs.
  7. No Cleaning Costs: As flexitanks are either disposable or recyclable, there are no cleaning costs involved as there would be with ISO-tanks and drums.


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What Liquids Can Be Transported in a Flexitank?

Flexitanks are suitable for carrying any type of liquid as long as it can be classified as non-hazardous. All the liquids that can be safely transported are as follows:

Food Grade Liquids

 Non-Food Liquids


Fruit Juices


Mineral Water

Potable Water

Vegetable Oils

Palm Oils

Coconut Oils

Fish Oils

Edible Oils




Corn Syrup

Malt Extracts


Tomato Paste

& More


Base Oils

Lube Oils


Paraffin Wax


Printing Inks





Natural Latex

Synthetic Latex



Crude Oils



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Flexitank Installation

The SIA Flexitank is easy to use and quick to connect hoses for loading and unloading, whilst making the maximum use of the container space.

At SIA, we offer customer training on the best practices in loading and unloading Flexitanks. With offices world wide, we pride ourselves on offering tailored customer service internationally.

View the video below for a flexitank installation demonstration:

Technical Specifications


Fabric Weight
Total Weight
Tensile Strength, Weft
Tensile Strength, Warp
Tear Strength, Weft
Tear Strength, Warp
Low Temperature Flexibility
High Temperature Flexibility
Dart Impact (ASTM D1709)
Melt Point Index
Elongation MD (ASTM D882)
Elongation MD (ASTM D882)


250 Kg/5cm
250 Kg/5cm
90 N
110 N
-20˚C/-4˚ F
70˚C/158˚ F


Flexitank inside a shipping container for bulk liquid transport


Work with SIA Flexitanks

SIA Flexitanks are the world’s largest independent flexitank company and award-winning flexitank manufacturer. Our tanks are thoroughly tested & utilise the latest in thermoplastic technology. We offer a bespoke package of high-quality products to our diverse range of clients who are looking to ship their products around the world.
SIA Flexitanks, the Global Company, delivering the world to you.
As a member of the COA – Container Owners Association, we are committed to safe, reliable and sustainable operations and strive for the highest industry standards.  The SIA Flexitanks are ISO 9001:2000 and FSSC 20000 certified. We deliver the safest, most reliable and most cost-effective solution for bulk liquid transport and have many years of experience in liquid transportation and the design, manufacture and operation of flexitanks.


To Request a FREE QUOTE Today, please email our team at info@siaflexitanks.com


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