flexitanks for used cooking oil

Flexitanks For Used Cooking Oil

Flexitanks—also referred to as flexibags, collapsible tanks, or bladders are flexible bags designed to fit inside a 20-foot shipping container, converting them into bulk liquid transportation units. They offer a superior alternative to ISO tank containers and drums for shipping bulk liquids such as used cooking oil.

For the transportation of used cooking oils, a flexitank offers a superior alternative to other bulk liquid shipping containers such as ISO tanks and barrels.

SIA Flexitank loading bulk liquids for transportation in a shipping container

SIA Flexitank Loading Bulk Liquids

With increasing regulations to meet and a high importance on sustainability, food businesses are increasingly looking for innovative and good value alternatives for ways in which they can store and transport their used cooking oils. Using flexitanks for used cooking oil allows for more efficient use of resources. For example, it takes less time and less labour and is a more convenient alternative to ISO tanks and barrels. Not only are flexitanks more convenient, they are also much more cost-efficient. Below we list the features and benefits of using flexitanks for used cooking oil.


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Flexitank vs. ISO tank vs. Drums


  • 24000 litre flexitank
  • 21.600 MT net product per bag in 20′ container.
  • Food-grade PE lining and high-strength, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-proof PP outerwear.
  • Filling And Discharge : Bottom
  • Valve : PP 2″ or 3″
  • A heater pad can be used of which heats the cargo up to 7 times faster.
  • Flexitanks can be transported on container ships, trucks and by rail.

 ISO Tank

  • 24000 litre ISO tank
  • 22.000 MT net product Tank.
  • ISO tank containers can be transported using most methods, including container ships, trucks and rail.
  • The external appearance of tanks does not vary significantly, and fittings are generally standardised.

 Barrels / Drums

  • 55 gallon
  • 210ltr reconditioned steel tight head drum for liquids with 2′ & ¾’ inch openings
  • Leak and pressure tested

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Benefits of using Flexitanks for Used Cooking Oil

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Flexitanks

    Not only are flexitanks more economically viable, they are a more sustainable option for bulk shipping your used cooking oils. Our re-usable flexitank containers allow for zero waste in shipping – SIA Flexitanks can be re-used and recycled. The SIA Global Flexi-Max, for example, is made from 100% virgin VLDPE polyethylene which when recycled, is re-processed into pellets which are then used to manufacture new items.

    Using flexitanks when shipping edible oils is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport process allowing higher volumes of liquid to be shipped at one time.

    SIA Flexitanks are driven by a global commitment to sustainable logistics and fair trade.  Our commitment includes bringing logistics technologies to manufacturers and producers that provide them with access to the new markets and more trading opportunities while using fewer resources.

  2. Increase Payloads with Flexitanks

    Using Flexitanks can increase your payload and therefore your profits as Flexitanks offer 15% more per payload than totes and 40% more payload than drums. In addition to increasing payloads, flexitanks allow you to diversify your customer portfolio to attract customers buying smaller quantities. And you can diversify your revenue streams because with regular weekly sailing schedules, you can have regular shipments and thus, regular payments.

  3. Cost-Effective Transport

    The lighter weight and transverse stacking capabilities of Flexitanks save truckers an average of $41,000 per trip compared to 340 HDPE barrels. That’s where the value in using a Flexitank originates: less space that can hold up to 6,500 gallons worth of product, and the option for transverse bulk liquid stacking instead of palletizing and linearizing 50-foot ISO tanks. Without the use of Flexitanks for Edible Oils, shipping costs can become exorbitant. Implementing Flexitanks into everyday shipping, costs can be lowered or eliminated completely thus allowing for further profit or product transportation expansion.

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Capacity of Storage

Flexitanks offer a major advantage with a capacity of 24,000 litres. The larger storage capacity offered by flexitanks allow it to ship up to 40% more than drums and 15% more than IBC’s.

Alternatively, SIA flexitanks offer the option of a triple flexitank – The Trinity Tank  A Three-Pod Reefer Flexitank system that allows shippers to load multiple bulk liquids in the same container.  The Trinity Tank is available in sizes ranging from 12 000 up to 28 000 litres.


Technical Specifications

It is very important to consider the usage specifications of your bulk liquid carrier, to ensure the avoidance of leakages and to ensure reliable performance. Flexitanks are an excellent option for the transportation and storage of used cooking oils and other bulk liquids. The SIA Flexitank offers the following technical specifications:


Fabric Weight
Total Weight
Tensile Strength, Weft
Tensile Strength, Warp
Tear Strength, Weft
Tear Strength, Warp
Low Temperature Flexibility
High Temperature Flexibility
Dart Impact (ASTM D1709)
Melt Point Index
Elongation MD (ASTM D882)
Elongation MD (ASTM D882)


250 Kg/5cm
250 Kg/5cm
90 N
110 N
-20˚C/-4˚ F
70˚C/158˚ F

Flexitank inside a shipping container

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Why Choose SIA Flexitanks?

SIA Flexitanks manufacture premium quality flexitanks of which are ideally suited for storing and transporting used cooking oils. Our flexitanks are manufactured in an FSSC22000 certified environment, to meet the food grade manufacturing standards set out by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). In addition to this, we are a member of the COA – Container Owners Association, meaning that we are committed to safe, reliable and sustainable operations and strive for the highest industry standards.

With over 11 years of experience and expertise, SIA Flexitanks is an industry leader in manufacturing and supplying flexitanks.

Every year we ship billions of litres of edible oils to all corners of the globe. Proving to be an incontestable alternative to ISO tanks, IBC’s and drums in lowering transportation costs of bulk liquid shipping Flexitanks are rapidly gaining market share in the industries of bulk liquid shipping.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your used oil transportation needs. Fill in our Contact Form or email our team at info@siaflexitanks.com.

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