Reduce Your Shipping Costs with Flexitanks

Flexitanks offer a cheaper and more effective way to transport liquids in bulk allowing you to reduce your shipping costs. SIA Flexitanks offer a safe, streamlined and more environmentally friendly way to reduce transport costs for bulk liquid logistics and overcoming the problems associated with traditional shipping methods of shipping liquids in large volumes.

For example, when using ISO tank containers, Drums or Barrels, loading and unloading times are much longer, they need cleaned after each use and on most occasions they need to be shipped back to the supplier. Find out how flexitanks reduce shipping costs below.

Flexitanks Are


Flexitanks are practically indestructible

Safety sign indicating that SIA flexitanks are strong and durable Safe

Flexitanks are resistant to aggressive substances and damage

Safety sign indicating that SIA flexitanks are strong and durableReliable

SIA Flexitanks have exceptional mechanical & elongation properties

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How Do Flexitanks Reduce Shipping Costs?

1.Transport More Liquid in Every Container

Flexitanks can make large savings by transporting up to 44% MORE liquid in each container versus Drums and 15% more than IBC totes, helping to minimize freight costs. Flexitanks can hold up to 24,000 litres in a 20ft shipping container. For example, one Flexitank is equivalent to 85 Barrels and one flexitank can hold the equivalent of 30,000 bottles of wine.


2. Low Labor Costs

The easy handling processes of loading and loading requires less labor which naturally brings down the logistic expense. The smart design our the SIA Flexitank makes it a convenient process for customers with loading and unloading times reduced by up to 90% compared with drums or IBC totes.

The empty flexitank bag is laid out in the shipping container and a hose is attached to the nozzle to pump the liquid in. Once filled and sealed, the flexitank is good to go. There is no heavy lifting and no moving drums, just a hose used to fill the flexitank bag making it very efficient and cheaper in the long run.


3. Minimize Your Freight Charges
You only pay one-way international costs as there’s no need to return the Flexitank. There are no Demurrage charges on flexitanks (only on the container), again minimizing your freight charges. Check out our Advantages for Logistics Operators.


4. All-in-one Service

Enjoy an all inclusive service with Team SIA with you every step of the way. From supply and installation of the flexitank to handling your end-to-end logistics, SIA Flexitanks offer a complete flexitank service to customers. We offer worry-free professional installation by trained technicians available worldwide with flexitank stocks maintained accessible 24/7.


There are many ways in which using flexitanks can save money and reduce shipping costs. They really are the best bulk liquid transportation solution available. Switch to SIA Flexitanks today and see how your costs reduce instantly. Take a quick look at the advantages of Flexitanks below:

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The Advantages of Flexitanks

User Friendly

Fast and Easy Handling

Safety sign indicating that SIA flexitanks are strong and durableEconomical

Cheaper than Drums & IBC’s

Worldwide Availability

Uncomplicated Shipping


Maximum Payload

Cost Effective Solutions for Bulk Transportation

Environmentally Friendly

No Cleaning Necessary & Recyclable


Wide Ranges of Compatibility & 100% tested



Fastest Loading and Unloading


No Risk of Contamination – SIA Flexitanks are manufactured using virgin films


ISO 9001:2000 and FSSC 20000

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Why Use SIA Flexitanks?

We are an award winning independent flexitank manufacturer and the inventors of the multi-layered Flexitank.“

Many people have switched to Flexitanks as a cost effective alternative and it is recommended to all persons to use Flexitanks for bulk liquid transportation. When transporting liquid products in bulk, you should make sure to use flexitanks from a company who manufactures high-quality flexitanks.


SIA Flexitanks are ISO 9001:2000 and FSSC 20000 certified and offer a multi-layer flexitank that holds up to 24,000 litres and fits into a standard 20ft ocean freight shipping container allowing for maximum space in transportation. This method can ship up to 31% more cargo compared with standard methods of ISO tanks, Drums & IBC totes.


As a market leader and innovator, SIA Flexitanks offer the widest range of compatibility approvals in the flexitank world today. We are COA approved meaning that we have implemented the COA Code of Practice and strive for the highest industry standards.


With offices worldwide, SIA Flexitanks offer local expertise and excellent customer service with our team on hand to to make sure your journey runs smoothly. You can count on Team SIA.

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Vegetable Oil Producer in Rotterdam

We use SIA Flexitanks as their product is reliable, they always have Flexitanks in Inventory and we can purchase small quantities and have them installed locally.



Freight Forwarder in Milan

SIA are totally independent as they are not involved in Freight Forwarding we can use them with confidence. We can use our own contracts with the shipping lines to arrange export ocean shipments



Apple Juice producer in Catalonia

We have used SIA for over 6 years and we are happy with their product and the global support.



Freight Forwarder, Houston, Texas

SIA are a very hands on operation, with offices throughout the world someone is available at all times. We are happy with the quality of the SIA Flexitank and their customer service communication and services. Our customers at destination are similarly satisfied.



Lube Oil producer, Houston, Texas

We have been using the SIA Flexitank for 3 years. We received on-site training that was very beneficial for our loading procedures.


We have Offices Worldwide, Email Our Team Today to Discuss Your Logistical Needs:

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