SIA Flexitanks Celebrate 10 Years in Business

SIA Flexitanks, the world’s largest independent Flexitank provider, celebrates a major milestone with 10 Years of Business Excellence. With our continued growth, SIA remain committed to further building our global operations with a commitment to a sustainable environment.

In addition to our headquarters in Donegal, Ireland we now have offices across the globe. With our Asian head office in Malaysia and our US office in Houston, Texas and our professionals serve clients in more than 60 countries. In fact, we are now active in 63 countries worldwide with an unapparelled global support system.


We have come a long way in 10 years, having built a great team and a comprehensive own office and agency network. Thank You to our wonderful team and customers who have supported SIA Flexitanks over the years and here’s to many more great years ahead! 

10 year anniversary of SIA Flexitanks

Where It Began

SIA Flexitanks was born 10 years ago in 2011. What started off with a small team, we are now a leading provider of Flexitanks in over 70 countries with offices on 4 continents. It was a very inauspicious start as we started in the middle of worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. However, despite the recession we set about building a world class company. Following the opening in Ireland and Houston, we formed a great partnership and opened up our office in Port Klang, Malaysia followed by the opening of our office in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. SIA Flexitanks then opened our operation in Rotterdam, followed by Italy and then in 2019, we opened in Australasia.

Our first office in Ireland, where it all began.

Our first office in Houston, Texas.

Our first office in Malaysia.

Throughout the 10 years we have been diligently widening our agency network and growing our Global Footprint and have developed a safe, reliable and well-designed Flexitank. Our strategy going forward will as always, remain innovative. We will strive to maintain our focus on the excellent customer service that we have become famous for in the industry.


SIA Awards

With an explosive start to our business in 2011, SIA Flexitanks won the Emerging Exporter of The Year Award in Ireland in 2012 after less than a year of being in operation. In 2020 we were delighted to be the recipients of the ‘Most Innovative Bulk Logistics Provider 2020’ awarded by The Irish Enterprise Awards.

Emerging Exporter of the Year 2012

SIA in The News

Featured in Multiple Publications over the years, such as; FreightWaves, The Irish Times and The Independent to name a few, SIA CEO Damien McClean has given his industry insight to various national and international publications over the years. On several occasions, the CEO was interviewed by FreightWaves (The leading provider of trucking news, media, and analytics) giving his expert insight into the bulk booze market of wine, the evolution of the flexitank and the benefits of shipping bulk liquids via flexitanks.

SIA CEO, Damien McClean

State of the Art Facilities in Asia

2019 saw the opening of SIA Flexitanks State of the Art Office and Warehousing Facilities in Malaysia. This major step forward was a testament to the remarkable progress made by SIA Asia, made evident again in 2020 with the opening of a New Office Branch in Penang Malaysia. In Asia, SIA Flexitanks continue to retain major supply contracts and our business is reaching record levels. 

The Big day in Malaysia at the opening of our very own state of the at office and warehouse.

The Opening of the New SIA Flexitanks Penang Office Branch, 2020.

Innovation at SIA

At SIA Flexitanks, innovation plays a major role in our company strategy and culture. In 2001 our CEO, Damien McClean patented his design of the Multilayer Flexitank and today, over 80% of the global market is imitating his design. We remain as innovative as ever with the arrival of new products yet to be announced publicly. Team SIA are confident that our innovations will be a popular choice within our existing market place and confident of the forecasted growth into new markets. We, at SIA Flexitanks are committed to maintaining our position as an innovative leader. Innovation will as always be to the fore and we  continue to develop new and innovative products such as the Trinity Tank and the EnviroHeater.


SIA in The Community

SIA Flexitanks are proud members of the communities in which we operate in globally.

In Ireland SIA have sponsored their local tidy town committee for the past 10 years, this initiative brings people together to work for a common cause, making our towns and villages better places to live and ensuring we are providing sustainable communities for future generations to come. We are also a proud sponsor of Glengad Football Club for 10 years now, supporting the club to 4 consecutive premier league titles and numerous cups.

Over the years SIA have assisted with disaster relief in donating flexitanks after earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding. Our SIA Plant A Tree Project saw our teams around the world plant trees in solidarity with the One Million Trees in One Day Project in Ireland, aligning with our commitment to a sustainable environment. The unfortunate events of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 saw our team delivering scarce PPE equipment to local hospitals in Ireland.

SIA Assists Carn Tidy Towns

SIA Sponsor Local Football Club – Glengad FC

SIA Assist with Disaster Relief

Team SIA remain committed to continually being an active member in our communities around the world as well as continuing to minimize our environmental impact globally. Find out more about our plans for a Sustainable Flexitank Environment.

What’s Next for SIA Flexitanks?

2021 has seen SIA focus on sustainability and caring for our team and for the environment. As SIA Flexitanks turn 10 years old, after years of consistent exponential growth we have built a stable, profitable global company and we are happy to work with many fortune 500 and blue chip companies. As we look toward the next 10 years, we are excited to launch new and innovative products for our customers. No review of our first 10 years would be complete without paying tribute to our dear friend and colleague who built a great team and infrastructure in SE Asia.  We would not be where we are today without the knowledge, hard work and support from our Captain, Ronin Chua.


May the next 10 years bring success, 520 weeks of laughter, 3650 days of fun, 87,600 hours of joy, 5,256,000 minutes of luck, and 315,360,000 seconds of happiness.

‘I would like to thank each and every one of the SIA family for making us the great organisation that we are today. For the last decade, our customers have marvelled at Flexitanks’ ability to deliver the best tanks on time and without hassle. But as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, I’d like to take some time to thank the real stars of the show, our employees.’

– Damien McClean, CEO.

SIA CEO Damien McClean

Damien McClean, SIA CEO


How Can We Help Your Business Grow?

We were founded on the drive to help our clients be more productive, effective, and efficient while taking great care of our environment. Customers love how SIA Flexitanks makes business operations a whole lot easier. As a leader in the flexitank industry, are known for our excellent products and customer service. Over the past 10 years, the SIA team have built a reputation for quality, durability and innovation. As a market leader and innovator, we offer the widest range of compatibility approvals in the flexitank world today.



ISO 9001:2000 and FSSC 20000

Worldwide Availability

Uncomplicated Shipping

Customer Service

Our Team Can Assist Worldwide

With offices worldwide, SIA Flexitanks offer local expertise and excellent customer service with our team on hand to to make sure your journey runs smoothly. You can count on Team SIA.

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