SIA Developing a Sustainable Flexitank Environment  

SIA Flexitanks work with our customers to develop a circular economy to recover, reuse and recycle our flexitanks in utilizing up-cycling by mechanical recycling, chemical recycling and thermal recovery, with bulkheads also being collected and reused.


At the 2019 COA (Container Owner’s Association) meeting in Germany, SIA Flexitanks stressed the importance of increasing the viability for companies to recycle flexitanks. SIA Flexitanks suggested to use the COA as the disposal coordinator; where all flexitank companies can combine their flexitanks for disposal to reduce costs and consequently the carbon footprint of our industry.


In terms of ecological sustainability, SIA Flexitanks will show how the flexitank is a greener solution than the alternative methods of transportation of Drums and IBC totes. As a member of the COA, we are already compliant with environmental standard ISO 14001. 

2019 COA Meeting, Germany

Eco-Friendly Flexitanks

Recycling is a viable option for the majority of flexitanks, which are made from Polyethylene, an oil-based product.

Recycled flexitanks can be easily turned into resin and used for the manufacture of non-virgin plastic applications, usually recycled as traffic cones. The SIA Global Flexi-Max, for example, is made from 100% virgin VLDPE polyethylene which when recycled, is re-processed into pellets which are then used to manufacture new items.  


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Flexitanks

Flexitanks offer a sustainable solution to bulk liquid shipping than that of alternative methods of transportation such as Drums and IBC totes.

In a recent interview with FreightWaves, SIA CEO, Damien McClean reinforced this message, citing an example of bulk wine shipping, “You’ll get 9,000 bottles of wine into a 20-foot container. In a flexitank, the 24,000 liters it holds, is the equivalent to around 30,000 bottles” adding that flexitanks also offer companies much more flexibility; citing an example of a winery that was shipping 60% red wine and 40% white wine. “A parcel tanker would have to be all red or all white,” he pointed out. FreightWaves also emphasized environmentalism to be a major issue for bulk transport of liquor by sea.

Using flexitanks versus shipping bottled wine is therefore one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport process.


Why use SIA Flexitanks? 

In 2001, SIA Flexitanks CEO Damien McClean patented his design of the Multilayer Flexitank. Today, over 80% of the global market is imitating his patented design.


As a market leader and innovator, SIA Flexitanks offer the widest range of compatibility approvals in the flexitank world today. We have quicker production times due to our cutting edge design & automated manufacturing techniques as well as a state of the art ISO22000 certified production facility.


Our customer service is second to none, with offices worldwide, SIA Flexitanks offer local expertise and excellent customer service with our team on hand to to make sure your journey runs smoothly. SIA Flexitanks are with you every step of the way. From the supply of the flexitank, to the installation, to trucking, to technical support, to shipping, to recycling, you can count on Team SIA.


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SIA Flexitanks Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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Vegetable Oil Producer in Rotterdam

We use SIA Flexitanks as their product is reliable, they always have Flexitanks in Inventory and we can purchase small quantities and have them installed locally.



Freight Forwarder in Milan

SIA are totally independent as they are not involved in Freight Forwarding we can use them with confidence. We can use our own contracts with the shipping lines to arrange export ocean shipments



Apple Juice producer in Catalonia

We have used SIA for over 6 years and we are happy with their product and the global support.



Freight Forwarder, Houston, Texas

SIA are a very hands on operation, with offices throughout the world someone is available at all times. We are happy with the quality of the SIA Flexitank and their customer service communication and services. Our customers at destination are similarly satisfied.



Lube Oil producer, Houston, Texas

We have been using the SIA Flexitank for 3 years. We received on-site training that was very beneficial for our loading procedures.

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