2019 was a great year for SIA, as we enjoyed growth in all regions and the outlook for the flexitank market in general in 2020 is very good. We are now active in 63 countries worldwide – an unapparelled global support system. In the words of Richard Branson “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.   It seems that the more we prepare the luckier we get! 

There are many success stories to appreciate from 2019 of which are detailed below. 


 State of the Art Facilities Opened in Malaysia  

2019 saw the opening of SIA Flexitanks state of the art office and warehousing facilities in Malaysia. This major step forward is a testament to the remarkable progress made by SIA Asia. 

CEO, Damien McClean opening new SIA warehousing facilities in Malaysia  


SIA Flexitanks Leading the Market in USA & CANADA 

A major development of 2019 saw SIA Flexitanks Ltd approved on the Canadian Rail Network along with other major USA rail networks such as the Norfolk Southern rail, the CSX and the BNFS Railway networks. These approvals have since seen our market share grow within the USA and Canada regions. Find out more.

 SIA Flexitanks, CEO on Bulk Booze  

SIA Flexitanks CEO, Damien McClean, was delighted to be interviewed by Freight Waves in November of 2019, giving his expert insight into the flexitank market in relation to Bulk Booze.  Mr. McClean discussed the flexitank industry and their role in today’s bulk booze market telling FreightWaves, “There are huge implications for your cash flow if you can buy in container loads. With containers, you can spread out your purchasing in a much more intelligent way than if you had used a full parcel tanker’’. Find out more.


             SIA in the Community Football Sponsorship – Glengad FC 

Throughout 2019, SIA Flexitanks continued our sponsorship of Irish football team, Glengad United who remain strong players on the league. Like SIA, they are going from strength to strength. SIA continues their sponsorship in 2020. 

Glengad United Football team – sponsored by SIA Flexitanks


Innovation at SIA 

2019 was a very innovative year at SIA Flexitanks with the arrival of two new products, yet to be announced publicly. Trials of these innovations will be finalised in early 2020 when they will be announced in our market place. Team SIA is confident that the innovative products will be a popular choice within our existing market place and confident of the forecasted growth into new markets. 


World Bulk Wine Exhibition 

In December, SIA attended the World Bulk Wine Exhibition and took the opportunity to meet with a wide range of wine shippers to discuss the plans for the year ahead.  

Industry insiders handling 80% of the world’s bulk wine production were in attendance. The 11th edition of the biggest world fair devoted to bulk wine hosted more than 260 wineries from 24 different countries worldwide. 

2019 World Bulk Wine Exhibition 


2019 COA Meeting – HAMBURG 

SIA CEO, Damien McClean visited Hamburg for the meeting of the Container Owners Association (COA) flexitank division. The focus of the meeting was on industry sustainability and the environment. SIA have proposed a new scheme where the industry pool our resources to make flexitank recycling more economically viable and stressed the importance of increasing the viability for companies to recycle flexitanksFind out more.  

2019 COA Meeting – Hamburg


 SIA Developing a Sustainable Flexitank Environment 

In 2019, SIA Flexitanks continued to work with customers to develop a circular economy in recovering, reusing and recycling our flexitanks in utilising up-cycling, with bulkheads also being collected and reused. At the 2019 COA (Container Owner’s Association) meeting in Germany, SIA Flexitanks stressed the importance of increasing the viability for companies to recycle flexitanks. Find out more.



Looking Towards 2020  

Foresight is never 2020, but we’re very excited about what we have in store for next year. 2019 was a fantastic year, and we’re looking forward to continuing our trajectory going into the next decade. #TeamSIA 


Why use SIA Flexitanks?   

In 2001, SIA Flexitanks CEO Damien McClean patented his design of the Multi-layer Flexitank. Today, over 80% of the global market is imitating his patented design.  


As a market leader and innovator, SIA Flexitanks offer the widest range of compatibility approvals in the flexitank world today. We have quicker production times due to our cutting-edge design & automated manufacturing techniques as well as a state of the art ISO22000 certified production facility.  


Our customer service is second to none, with offices worldwide, SIA Flexitanks offer local expertise and excellent customer service with our team on hand to make sure your journey runs smoothly. SIA Flexitanks are with you every step of the way: From the supply of the flexitank, to the installation, to trucking, to technical support, to shipping, to recycling, you can count on Team SIA.  

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