SIA Flexitanks A Year in Review 2022

2022 was another year of triumph for SIA Flexitanks! As the world’s largest independent provider, we had much to celebrate as we marked our 11th Year in Business. Not only did this include growth that furthered our global operations and commitment to sustainability but also saw us introduce several new products into our range. We remain incredibly proud of being an innovative leader in flexible liquid storage solutions industry-wide despite challenging circumstances brought on by Covid-19 and international shipping disruptions. Looking back at 2022 there is no doubt it has been a memorable milestone thanks largely to its success here at SIA!


SIA Flextainks 2022 Highlights:

  • Listed in the 2022 Ireland Inc USA 250 Index
  • Launched SIA Africa
  • Celebrated 11 Years in Business
  • Brand New Brochure
  • New Products Launches and Innovations
  • New App Launching (Coming Soon)


A Top Irish Company in the USA

SIA Flexitanks proudly remained in the ranks of esteemed Irish organizations listed in the 2022 Ireland INC US 250 Index. This acknowledgment celebrates and recognizes established businesses investing and operating within America. This prestigious listing affirms our excellence as we continue to build on successes earned through our commitment to expanding operations with a presence across 40 states! The SIA head US office is located in Houston, Texas.

SIA Flexitanks featured in IRELAND INC USA 250 Companies

The Launch of SIA Africa

In 2022, SIA Africa made groundbreaking advances in our flexitank operations with SIA CEO, Damien McClean and SIA Africa CEO, Duard Scholts spearheading the charge. Our rapidly expanding presence and office establishment in KwaZulu Natal / Durban celebrates a significant milestone for us at SIA as we now extend our services to over 70 countries worldwide. With this strategic venture into Africa firmly established, it promises exciting new opportunities that will take our export liquids business further than ever before – an achievement worthy of many celebrations!

Image of waves at dawn with text overlay saying 'New year/New dawn. New offices in Africa.

Celebrating 11 Years in Business

2022 marked SIA Flexitanks’ 11th birthday! We have come a long way in 11 years, having built a great team and a comprehensive own office and agency network, and now active in over 70 countries worldwide.
Celebrating over a decade of continuous growth and success, SIA Flexitanks has come to be one of the leading providers in our industry with offices on four continents across 70 countries. Since 2011, we have established strong partnerships worldwide – from Ireland and Houston all the way to Port Klang and Pasir Gudang (Malaysia), followed by Rotterdam Italy, and Australasia – culminating with our groundbreaking operations in Africa just last year! Here’s celebrating another decade filled with more successes for SIA Flexitanks!

New SIA Brochure


In early 2022, SIA launched our NEW Brochure. Discover why SIA Flexitanks is the global logistics provider of choice for organizations across the world. Our NEW 2022 Brochure offers unsurpassed solutions and international infrastructure to provide maximum customer value. Get a head start on your journey today with our state-of-the-art flexitanks – explore here


View Brochure

An image of the front cover of the SIA Flexitanks brochure. The background image is of the ocean with ripple waves. the forefront image is a diamond shape with text reading 'Global, Independent, Trusted'. SIA Flexitanks logo is on the bottom right hand side with the website on the bottom left handside

New Products

At SIA Flexitanks, innovation is fundamental to our strategy and culture. Our CEO Damien McClean’s Multilayer Flexitank design has become the industry standard since its patent in 2001, with over 80% of the market imitating his original concept. This commitment to progress was exemplified by 2021’s launch of Enviroheater plus two new products in 2022; The ALU Wine Flexi & The Trinity Tank. We are passionate about continuing this legacy with additional inventive developments that remain on the horizon.

The New ALU Wine Flexi

While in California, our team member, Travis got to witness the fitting of our 24,000 Liter ‘ALU Wine Flexi’ with our new coroplast bulkhead. Our team in the US and customers alike were very impressed with this upgrade and believe that this will help SIA customers to further enhance their logistics processes. Take a look at the first photos of the All-New ALU Wine Flexi below.


SIA Trinity Tanks

2021 saw the start of the Trinity Tank Trials – a revolutionary 40’, 3-pod Reefer flexitank system that allows shippers to load multiple bulk liquids in the same container. Following successful trials, this triple flexitank was officially launched in 2022 and is available in sizes of up to 40ft. This triple flexitank offers numerous advantages: higher payloads and the ability to transport multiple bulk liquids simultaneously within regular 40ft – rather than 20ft –containers that may be scarce. It is ideal for customers shipping domestic markets as well as refrigerated products requiring special temperature conditions on their journey.

An image of a truck - with open side to illustrate the triple flexitank inside of the truck.

SIA Trinity Tank illustration

Mini Trinity Tanks

At the cutting edge of logistics, our North American team has launched a trial of Trinity mini tanks transporting wine in California – and initial results look promising! Showcasing their effectiveness for shorter transit times, we are optimistic about expanding the Mini Trinity Tanks across domestic markets.


What’s Next for SIA?

In 2023, we’ll remain committed to setting the bar as a top global company that prioritizes all stakeholders – including our people, clients, and partners. Our CEO and team are on an exciting journey with new technological development in the works – poised to dramatically enhance customer service within logistics operations.


Work with SIA Flexitanks

For over a decade, SIA Flexitanks have been revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Our commitment to providing our customers with solutions for more productive and efficient operations is paramount – coupled with our mission of protecting the environment we all share. We established ourselves as an industry leader by delivering top-notch products along with exemplary customer service. As innovators in this field, no one offers higher compatibility approvals than us when it comes to flexitank solutions!

We understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service – that’s why our offices span globally. We ensure a seamless experience with expert support at each stage; from supplying flexitank solutions to delivery, technical assistance, and beyond. Let us be your guide throughout this journey!

As an Award-Winning Manufacturer of leading bulk liquid transportation solutions, our flexitank products have undergone extensive testing and leverage cutting-edge thermoplastic technology. This ensures outstanding quality for our clients who ship goods worldwide. As a member of the Container Owners Association, we adhere to safe, reliable, and sustainable practices that meet the highest industry standards; as proof thereof, SIA Flexitanks proudly carry ISO 9001:2000 & FSSC 20000 certifications. With years of expertise in flexitank design & operations, you can trust us for cost-effective shipment services – delivering safety and reliability every time!



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