New Offices in Africa

SIA Flexitanks has expanded its footprint in Africa further strengthening its position in the flexitank market of bulk liquid logistics.


SIA Flexitanks, the worlds’ largest independent flexitank company, officially announces their opening of SIA Africa and are establishing a dominant position in the South African market there with offices in Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. With this addition, SIA are now loading flexitanks in over 70 countries around the world in line with our global expansion. South Africa will be our base to develop business throughout the continent of Africa with agencies planned for Senegal, The Gambia and Ghana.


SIA Flexitanks, the Global Company, delivering the world to you.

SIA Flexitanks launch SIA Africa


”2021 was a great year for SIA, we enjoyed growth in all regions. The outlook for the flexitank market in general in 2022 is very good. There will be challenges, there will be stiff competition, but we have the team, the products and the structure in place to continue our growth in 2022. In line with our continued global expansion we are proud to open two new SIA offices in South Africa”

– Damien McClean, SIA Flexitanks CEO

SIA CEO Damien McClean

Damien McClean, SIA CEO

The addition of SIA Africa marks the second new expansion of SIA Flexitanks since 2021 and adds to the company’s portfolio of offices in countries around the globe. Our expansion is in line with our business plan objectives and further proves our continued dominant position in the flexitank market. Our ability to grow and prosper over the years through adversity and logistical challenges is a credit to our team at SIA who work hard to ensure our customers are looked after throughout their entire flexitank journey.


SIA Flexitanks are focussed on providing efficient and sustainable service solutions to our customers.

Innovation at SIA

Innovation is at the core of our company and plays a major role in our strategy and culture. For example, in 2001, our CEO – Damien McClean patented his design of the Multilayer Flexitank and today, over 80% of the market is imitating his design. Our team at SIA remain as innovative as ever and are proud to have launched two of our innovations this past year: The Trinity Tank and the Enviro-Heater. We are committed to maintaining our position as an innovative leader and we continue to develop new and innovative products.


How Can SIA Help Your Business Grow?

We were founded on the drive to help our clients be more productive, effective, and efficient while taking great care of our environment. Customers love how SIA Flexitanks makes business operations a whole lot easier. As a leader in the flexitank industry, are known for our excellent products and customer service. Over the past 10 years, the SIA team have built a reputation for quality, durability and innovation. As a market leader and innovator, we offer the widest range of compatibility approvals in the flexitank world today.


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About SIA Flexitanks

SIA Flexitanks are an Award-Winning Manufacturer of Flexitanks. Our tanks are thoroughly tested & utilise the latest in thermoplastic technology. We offer a bespoke package of high-quality products to our diverse range of clients who are looking to ship their products around the world.
As a member of the COA – Container Owners Association, we are committed to safe, reliable and sustainable operations and strive for the highest industry standards.  The SIA Flexitanks are ISO 9001:2000 and FSSC 20000 certified. We deliver the safest, most reliable and cost effective solution for bulk liquid shipments and have many years of experience in liquid transportation and the design, manufacture and operation of flexitanks.


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