The SIA Global Flexi-Max

The SIA Global Flexi-Max Flexitank for bulk liquid transportation in any size trailer, reefer, 40’ or General Purpose container.

  • A new era in Bulk Liquid Transportation
  • Provides shippers with the ultimate Flexible solution.
  • Maximise your payload and Maximise your profits.

The SIA Global Flexi-Max

  • Designed for easy installation with no bulkhead.
  • Save freight utilising 53’ dry vans/reefers
  • Less packaging costs and labour
  • Available in sizes ranging from: 12000 up to 28000 liters
  • Featuring 3 surge reducing individual chambers interlinked be proprietary injection moulded technology
  • User-friendly design with one convenient load and discharge point
  • No Bulkheads required

SIA Flexitanks are an award-winning manufacturer of flexitanks. Our tanks are thoroughly tested and utilise the latest in thermoplastic technology.
We offer a bespoke package of high-quality products to our diverse range of clients who are looking to ship their products around the world.

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