SIA’s Plant A Tree Project

SIA Flexitanks Plant A Tree Project

SIA Flexitanks were delighted to get involved in the One Million Trees in One Day Project in Ireland.

The trees on the land project is a seasonal fixture on farms and in communities across the island. Trees on the Land is a cross-border initiative working to establish young native trees across the 32 counties of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The ‘Plant a Tree’ project aligns with our commitment to a sustainable environment. Operating around the world, SIA Flexitanks remain committed to continually minimizing our environmental impact globally. We continue to meet environmental standards and continue to recover and recycle materials where practical and environmentally beneficial to do so. Find out more about our plans for a Sustainable Flexitank Environment.

We are happy to say that our colleagues in Italy, Malaysia, Houston, Rotterdam and New Zealand also joined in and planted trees in support of the project. Take a look at Team SIA taking part in the project in the gallery below:


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Flexitanks

Flexitanks offer a sustainable solution to bulk liquid shipping than that of alternative methods of transportation such as Drums and IBC totes. Using flexitanks is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport process.

In an interview with FreightWaves, SIA CEO, Damien McClean reinforced this message, citing an example of bulk wine shipping, “You’ll get 9,000 bottles of wine into a 20-foot container. In a flexitank, the 24,000 liters it holds, is the equivalent to around 30,000 bottles” FreightWaves also emphasized environmentalism to be a major issue for bulk transport of liquor by sea.

SIA Flexitanks Re-usable containers allow for zero waste in shipping allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint. Recycling is a viable option for the majority of flexitanks, which are made from Polyethylene, an oil-based product. As a member of the COA, SIA Flexitanks are already compliant with environmental standard ISO 14001. 


Why use SIA Flexitanks?

  • Market leader and innovator
  • Our flexitanks are virtually unbreakable and environmentally friendly
  • Manufactured from layers of FDA approved Polyethylene film
  • SIA offer the widest range of compatibility approvals
  • Resistant against aggressive substances and damage
  • Manufactured in State of the art ISO22000 certified production facility
  • Fast production times
  • Exceptional mechanical and elongation properties (over 600%)


Flexitanks are practically indestructible


Flexitanks are resistant to aggressive substances and damage


SIA Flexitanks have exceptional mechanical & elongation properties


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SIA's Plant A Tree Project

SIA Flexitanks Plant A Tree Project SIA Flexitanks were delighted to get involved in the One Million Trees in One Day Project in Ireland. The trees on the land project is a seasonal fixture on farms and in communities across the island. Trees on the Land is a cross-border initiative working to establish young native […]

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Reduce Your Shipping Costs with Flexitanks

Reduce Your Shipping Costs with Flexitanks Flexitanks offer a cheaper and more effective way to transport liquids in bulk allowing you to reduce your shipping costs. SIA Flexitanks offer a safe, streamlined and more environmentally friendly way to reduce transport costs for bulk liquid logistics and overcoming the problems associated with traditional shipping methods of […]

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Flexitanks For Freight Forwarding

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SIA Flexitanks 2020: A Year in Review

SIA Flexitanks 2020: A Year in Review

2020 was a great year for SIA Flexitanks, we enjoyed growth in all regions with many success stories to appreciate. Take a look back at our Year in Review below.

This was a year like no other with the Covid-19 virus spreading throughout the globe bringing untold havoc to the world of business. While the COVID-19 situation remains dynamic, we have been vigilant in anticipating and overcoming the obstacles it has presented.

SIA Flexitanks have continued to deliver for our customers, without compromising our employees’ safety. At the onset of the crisis, we took action to enable our employees to work from home. At this time, we have partially reopened some of our offices, but are taking a cautious and measured approach to having employees return.
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SIA CEO’s Interview with FreightWaves

SIA CEO Interview with FreightWaves: Bulk Booze by Sea; Shipping Wine in the time of COVID

SIA CEO Damien McClean was once again interviewed by FreightWaves – The leading provider of trucking news, media, and analytics. Giving his insight into the bulk booze market of wine during a time of COVID, the SIA CEO spoke  at length about his company’s experiences during the pandemic, describing the changing dynamics in the flexitank industry and how COVID is complicating global supply chains.

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Flexitanks For Edible Oils Transport

Flexitanks For Edible Oils Transport

Save money by reducing your bulk liquid transportation costs.

SIA Flexitanks Ltd Manufacture and Ship Bulk Liquid Flexitank Containers for Edible Oils and every year we ship billions of litres of edible oils to all corners of the globe. Proving to be an incontestable alternative to ISO tanks, IBC’s and drums in lowering transportation costs of bulk liquid shipping Flexitanks are rapidly gaining market share in the industries of bulk liquid shipping.

To Request a FREE QUOTE Today, please email our team at

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2019 was a great year for SIA, as we enjoyed growth in all regions and the outlook for the flexitank market in general in 2020 is very good. We are now active in 63 countries worldwide – an unapparelled global support system. In the words of Richard Branson “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.   It seems that the more we prepare the luckier we get! 

There are many success stories to appreciate from 2019 of which are detailed below. 

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SIA Football Sponsorship – Glengad FC

SIA Sponsor New Kit For Glengad FC

SIA have sponsored our local football team – Glengad United, since inception of the company, 10+ Years ago. 2019 has been a great year for our co-operation and this year we unveiled a new football kit.
Glengad United are currently sitting on top the Inishowen premier division.
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What Liquids Can Be Transported in a Flexitank?

What Liquids Can Be Transported in a Flexitank?

Flexitanks, also known as ‘Flexibags’, are large flexible containers which transform the conventional shipping container into a safe and efficient bulk liquid transport container. Flexitanks offer a superior alternative to ISO tank containers for shipping juices, oils, food-grade liquids and nonhazardous chemicals around the world. Below, we have listed the most common liquids which can be transported in a Flexitank.

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State of the Art Facilities Opened in Malaysia

SIA Flexitanks are excited to announce the opening of our own state of the art office and warehousing facilities in Malaysia. This major step forward is a testament to the remarkable progress made by SIA Asia.

In Asia, we have retained our major supply contracts and other business is increasing exponentially.


SIA is committed to delivering excellence and aspiring to be a World Class Flexitank provider based on our renowned customer service. SIA provide an excellent range of high quality products at competitive rates that are backed up by our comprehensive global network.

Every year SIA Flexitanks ships billions of litres of liquid to all corners of the globe.



Vegetable Oil Producer in Rotterdam

We use SIA Flexitanks as their product is reliable, they always have Flexitanks in Inventory and we can purchase small quantities and have them installed locally.



Freight Forwarder in Milan

SIA are totally independent as they are not involved in Freight Forwarding we can use them with confidence. We can use our own contracts with the shipping lines to arrange export ocean shipments



Apple Juice producer in Catalonia

We have used SIA for over 6 years and we are happy with their product and the global support.



Freight Forwarder, Houston, Texas

SIA are a very hands on operation, with offices throughout the world someone is available at all times. We are happy with the quality of the SIA Flexitank and their customer service communication and services. Our customers at destination are similarly satisfied.



Lube Oil producer, Houston, Texas

We have been using the SIA Flexitank for 3 years. We received on-site training that was very beneficial for our loading procedures.