SIA Football Sponsorship – Glengad FC.

SIA Flexitanks has been the main sponsor for our local soccer club (Glengad FC) for the past 10 years.

They have been league champions for the last 4 years in succession and they are going for an historic 5 in a row this year.

Last season Glengad FC won 3 cup competitions.

Here is the new kit for this season.

Like SIA they are going from strength to strength.

Eco-friendly flexitank

Besides the cost savings – a flexi fits in 32,000 bottle equivalents compared with the 9,000 a container full of pallets carries Bulk shipping is being adopted for its eco-friendliness.

First, the flexitanks weight is mostly wine, whereas glass bottles weigh 300 grams at the lower end to and nearly 1kg at the irresponsible upper end.

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SIA in the community – Glengad FC

SIA are delighted to be the main sponsor for Glengad FC. A sponsorship that goes back for almost 10 years.

Glengad have been crowned League Champions for the past years and are currently top of the league going for a unique four in a row.

Glengad have also won the league cup in four of the past five years.

The new kit is looking good!